The beard

It may be short, it may be long

It may be weak, it may be strong.

It may be just one strand of hair

But it is mine, so I shan’t despair!

It may be like a fluffy white cloud,

It may be like a cloud full of rain

It may be orange like the sun

It may be as blonde as a lion’s mane.

As I watch this fuzz start to grow

I rub a little oil into it.

I ask; will it ever flow?

Answer; if you shave, you’ll never know!


Whether a goatee, or a gandalf beard,

Or a little stubble that never grows

Be a man ol’ chap

And let it be …

For you are YOU

And I am ME!

Written by Ishan A

The mind


The mind can never be peaceful. The mind can never have clarity.  It’s not us. Thoughts are intruders.

The mind causes interference which interrupts  true thoughts that come from the universal consciousness. Often, making the possibility of true enlightenment difficult.

We live in a world that seems to dislike silence.

No thoughts are original, all thoughts are borrowed. [a thought is a thing, a thing is a thought]

Therefore if we want to truly be at peace, perhaps we should start by listening to the universal consciousness, instead of to a mind that will one day pass away.